The Advantages of Eaton Weatherhead Hose

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I. Introduction

Hydraulic hoses are used in a number of demanding industries, such as construction, refuse, agriculture, mining, and oil and gas. The applications required in these industries can test the strength and durability of individual components in hydraulic hoses, and have been known to lead to hydraulic hose failure in some cases.

At WHD Canada, one of the reasons that we offer Eaton products is that they continue to drive innovative and lead advancements in the fluid power industry. Their products are designed to meet and exceed the requirements for challenging applications in demanding industries.

In this article, we highlight Eaton’s Weatherhead hydraulic hoses, one of the core offerings in their product line. These hydraulic hoses offer a distinct competitive advantage to operators and other end users, including higher pressures and temperatures and better abrasion resistance than others in the industry.

II. The Weatherhead Diamond Advantage

Weaterhead Diamond Advantage graphic - Pressure, Temperature, and Abrasion

The Weatherhead Diamond Advantage provides better hydraulic hose products to meet and exceed the demands of today’s fluid power market. Weatherhead hoses offer better long-term value and compatibility with current high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Select Eaton Weatherhead hose styles also feature wire reinforcement technology, new insulation materials, and more. Learn more about why you should choose Weatherhead below:

A. Higher Pressure

Eaton Weatherhead hydraulic hoses offer improved working pressures by an average of 24% over the competition. These increased pressures have been able to extend the life of their hydraulic hoses in demanding industries and lead to higher performance levels overall.

B. Improved Temperature Ratings

Eaton has developed advanced rubber technology for the Weatherhead series, resulting in higher operating temperatures for the product.

When compared to similar products designed to meet EN specifications, Eaton Weatherhead braided and spiral hoses are able to meet -40°C to +127°C (-40°F to +260°F) temperatures and have the highest temperature ratings in the industry.

The result of these improvements in temperature ratings are higher performance levels and better overall lifespan for Weatherhead hydraulic hoses.

C. Better Abrasion Resistance

Another result of Eaton’s advanced rubber technology is the WeatherSHIELD® cover for Weatherhead hydraulic hoses. This cover offers better abrasion protection and more abrasion resistance than traditional rubber covers.

III. Conclusion

In typical applications, higher pressure and temperature ratings have been shown to extend the life of hydraulic hoses. Eaton’s new product line of Weatherhead hoses have been designed to meet these requirements and perform in demanding industries like construction, refuse, agriculture, mining, and oil and gas.

The improvements to pressure, temperature, and abrasion allow Eaton Weatherhead hoses to better serve operators and meet the standards of new and more efficient hydraulic systems, which are being introduced to the market.

If you are looking to extend the life and improve the performance of your hydraulic hoses, then we highly recommend Eaton’s Weatherhead product line.

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