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The Trusted Name in Automotive Hydraulic Solutions

Known for its unparalleled quality and performance, BrakeQuip offers a wide range of hoses, fittings, and accessories designed to meet the most demanding automotive needs. From brake and clutch systems to fuel lines, experience the reliability and innovation BrakeQuip brings.


Discover BrakeQuip-approved equipment designed to elevate your hydraulic operations. From all-in-one crimp and test units to brake hose pressure testers, we offer state-of-the-art tools that ensure quality and efficiency.

BrakeQuipe Barke & Clutch HOSE ACCESSORIES


Your go-to source for BrakeQuip brake and clutch hydraulic solutions. Find a variety of hoses, from rubber to braided, along with a comprehensive range of accessories and fittings for optimal performance and durability.

BrakeQuip Low Profile


Our Low Profile category features BrakeQuip hoses, tools, and fittings for specialized applications requiring a sleeker setup. These are designed to fit into tighter spaces without compromising on performance.

BrakeQuip Power Steering Adapter


You can navigate your power steering needs with BrakeQuip’s high-quality hoses, accessories, and fittings. Our products are designed to withstand daily use and keep your steering smooth and reliable.

BrakeQuip Fuel Connector


Fuel your projects with BrakeQuip’s top-of-the-line connectors, fittings, and accessories. From fuel line kits to individual components, we offer everything you need for a high-performance, leak-free fuel system.

BrakeQuip Tubing


Explore our BrakeQuip-endorsed range of tubing options in materials like Copper-Nickel and Stainless Steel. Complement your tubing with our specialized tools and hardware for a flawless installation.

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