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Eaton Weatherhead brass fittings are designed for applications such as air brakes, hydraulic brakes, power steering, fuel lines, and more. These brass fittings are a long-lasting, high-quality option and offering excellent vibration resistance.


Make the switch and provide your customers with the best solution in the industry. 

Quick Disconnects

Reduces complexity by providing in all in one solution

Grow your existing sales and increase revenue by offering the highest-performing quick disconnect in the market

Truck Hose

The most versatile general-purpose hose that is available in the market.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to provide a reliable solution by offering this solution and help increase your revenue 

Winner Hose

The Winner hose meets industry standards, Meets the customer's requirements at a competitive price point and gives your clients a completed solution with all the fittings

Learn more about how the Winner Hose line can benefit your sales. 

Crimper line up has a solution for every application

With our experienced sales support team and large levels on inventory find out how you can increase your profits.


Outstanding corrosion resistance for a variety of applications from air brake to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Regardless of the job, We have just the right brass adapter to meet the challenge every time.


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