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Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hoses

As the pioneers of thermoforming technology, Synflex Optimum by Danfoss has taken the lead in overcoming hose routing and installation obstacles. Our application engineers work with customers, developing designs and configurations that solve problems and improve manufacturing throughput.

Synflex Optimum Typical-Applications


Our application engineers work with customer CAD models
and develop routing best practices into customers’ systems.

Quick turnaround of design proposals and quotations.

Hands-on support
Our field engineers can be on site for prototype installation
and initial production runs.

Cutting edge technology
State-of-the-art 3D printing for moulds and fixtures,
providing quick design and prototype turnaround time.


Smooth installations and quality control
Product manufacturing and design done in-house by Danfoss,
combined with custom-labelled and marked assemblies, it makes for easy installation.

Reduced cost and complexity
Elimination of fittings, connections and other attachments reduces leak points and provides overall cost savings.

Variety of capabilities
Thermoforming can be done with almost all of Danfoss’
thermoplastic hose and tube products, creating endless combinations and opportunities.

Best routing practices
It is ideal for tight-fitting spaces and routing away
from heat sources and abrasion points.

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