Power Steering Hoses

Designed for Automotive Power Steering Applications
Manufactured by BrakeQuip

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BrakeQuip’s high- and low-pressure power steering hoses are built with a double-braided nylon construction, designed to dampen pressure waves and improve noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) throughout the system. Most power steering hoses have a steel wire braid construction, intended for industrial hydraulic applications and overbuilt for automotive power steering — these hoses do not offer sufficient expansion and fail to reduce NVH properly.

BrakeQuip’s power steering hoses are designed to faithfully replicate OEM parts, offering a range of crimp fittings and other accessories to accommodate a new hose assembly and complete the power steering plumbing. To minimize noise and vibration, their products use quick-to-install PTFE flow restrictors on all power steering hoses.

At WHD Canada, we have partnered with BrakeQuip to offer these products for automotive power steering applications in Canada.

Power Steering Assembly

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