Truck hose


The Danfoss 100R5 hose is mainly used in the transportation and trucking industry

They can withstand medium pressure applications. They’re mainly used in air brakes, fuel, grease lines, high-temperature petroleum oils, and medium-pressure hydraulic



Product features

  • Comes with Fiber Braid or Textile Covers
  • Inner Tube offered in Nitrile, CPE, and EPDM.
  • Reinforcement offered in both fiber and steel brainds.
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    Addresses these engineering challenges

    • General-purpose truck
    • High temperature hydraulic
    • Air brake and diesel fuel
    • high temperature petroleum
      oils and medium to high pressure
      hydraulic applications
    • Medium to high pressure hydraulic,
      air, grease, oil, truck and
      power steering lines.



    Technical Information

    • Meets or exceeds ISO standards
    • Working pressure ranging from 225 - 3000 psi
    • Min burst pressure ranging from 900-9000 psi
    •  Lengths ranging from 50-250 feet



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