Eaton LifeSense

Prevent Hose Failures with Eaton LifeSense
Hydraulic Hose Condition Monitoring System 

Eaton LifeSense is an intelligent, hydraulic hose condition monitoring system that detects failure-related events within hoses and analyzes hose health in real time.

Hydraulic hose failure poses a major challenge to operators across Canada. For years, the only solution was preventative or unscheduled maintenance. Now, every Eaton LifeSense hose assembly is equipped with sensors that continuously monitor hose condition and feed data back to a diagnostic unit. If the hose is compromised, the system will generate an alert to warn the user.

WHD Canada is proud to be the exclusive representative for Eaton fluid power products in Canada and bring this innovative solution to the Canadian market.

The Risks of Hose Failure

Eaton LifeSenseHydraulic hose failure can cause a number of issues for the operator, including:

  1. System Downtime & Production Loss
  2. Equipment Repair or Replacement
  3. Environmental Damage
  4. Threat to Human Safety
  5. Other Collateral Damage

The Advantages of Eaton LifeSense

By providing real-time condition monitoring of each hose, Eaton LifeSense minimizes the risk of worker and public safety, protects the environment, and reduces maintenance downtime. Most importantly, this system is able to improve hose life by up to 50%, removing the need for wasteful preventative maintenance practices.

The Eaton LifeSense system can be configured to provide a wired or wireless solution for hose diagnostics, depending on the way you work. Operational data is transmitted to a secure web portal, where you can access system status and other information.

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