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Would you like to operate in the fluid power vertical in Canada?
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WHD Canada is a dedicated representative for aftermarket fluid power products in Canada. We are a Canadian-owned and operated company, committed to supporting Canadian distributors.

Historically, the Canadian fluid power market has been controlled by smaller, local distributors — due to the necessity of going off-site for repairs or servicing. It has been an ongoing challenge for larger suppliers to compete in the fluid power space, owing to the technical complexity of the product.

However, over the past decade, WHD Canada has assisted a number of industrial suppliers establish and grow their fluid power programs in this challenging space. By leveraging the support of our experienced team, WHD distribution partners have been enabled to supply products from U.S. manufacturers (such as Eaton and BrakeQuip) and capture a larger share of regional markets.

Why Partner with WHD Canada?

At WHD Canada, we understand that time to market is critical for end users and distributors alike. We pride ourselves on offering the best inventory levels and fill rates in the industry, as well as superior customer service, order accuracy, and next day shipping.

Fluid power systems are technical products, demanding a high degree of familiarity and servicing experience. Our sales and technical service teams are here to make it easy for distributors to operate in this vertical.

Here are a few of the benefits of a distribution partnership with WHD Canada:

  • Fulfillment Services — Warehousing services, invoicing, and inventory management for products, direct from the manufacturer.
  • Custom Packaging Solutions — Achieve better brand awareness for your business with custom packaged products.
  • Sales Support — Receives sales training and product training, as well as assistance from our sales staff on joint calls with your customers.
  • End User Training — Offer product setup and training resources to your customers, provided by our experienced team.
  • Quote Desk Support & Proposal Design — Building a quote or a proposal for a prospective client? We can help you put it together.
  • Technical Support — Do your end users have product application questions? Our technical service team provides general troubleshooting over the phone or by email.

We take a flexible and open-minded approach to distribution partnerships. Our team has the ability to adjust services to accommodate your specific needs, so let us know your requirements.

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