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If you want to sell more, then start selling kits.

Our brass kits make it easy for you to sell more!
Designed with your customers’ needs in mind, each kit you sell helps lock in future sales.
With kit designs available to suit any operation, from the largest heavy-duty installer to an
on-board back up, we have everything you need

One part number to sell and to order – simple
Takes the guesswork out of ordering
Locks in future sales
Custom kits available


Vetted and used by North America’s most trusted equipment manufacturers.

Our brass fittings are the industry standard and worth every penny, in every application.

When you’re supplying replacements parts for equipment that was made with Danfoss Weatherhead brass, why not offer Weatherhead brass?

Make it simple and take out the guesswork.


Air Brake

How to decide which air brake supplier to use.

Call your current supplier.

Right now, with this page open and ask them the following questions.

  1. What facility is your product manufactured in?
  2. Does your company own that facility?
  3. Does your company buy this part number(pick a part number) from more than one manufacturer?
  4. Does your company own the design of the product I buy from you?


If your supplier is unsure of any of these questions, then hit the “Learn More” button below and speak with one of our reps. They’d be more than happy to discuss the benefits of selling an engineered system for air brake systems.


When it comes to manufacturing, operational uptime is everything.
And your customer values productivity over a few pennies.
That’s why offering brass from WHD Canada makes sense, for your customer and your bottom line.


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