The New Standard for Hydraulic Hose Fittings

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I. Introduction

One of the primary challenges for the fluid power market is to consistently match hoses with the correct fittings during assembly. There are a large number of fittings for different applications on the market and this can cause confusion for many assemblers and inflate the time required for assembly.

Incorrect assembly greatly increases the risks of premature hose failure, causing extended and unnecessary downtime for operators. These issues will affect both timelines and budgets for projects and, in turn, negatively impact the bottom line for many businesses.

It is clear that a new standard for hydraulic hose fittings is required by the fluid power market. The Eaton 4S/6S series is the direct response to this challenge, as it reduces the complexity of hose/fitting matching, eliminates inefficiencies during assembly, and provides a superior performance.

II. The Eaton 4S/6S Series Hose Assemblies

The Eaton 4S/6S series is a complete hose assembly system, with spiral fittings engineered for high-pressure hydraulic systems. The 4S/6S name refers to the 4-spiral and 6-spiral wire reinforcement hoses that the fittings are paired with.

The Eaton 4S/6S fittings are designed to meet and exceed all industry standards for pressure, temperature, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and leakage. This industry-leading product includes a number of unique features, including DURA-SEALTM leakage control technology, DURA-KOTETM zinc plating, and the MatchMateTM identification program that simplifies hose/fitting pairing.

The key factor that distinguishes Eaton’s approach from other suppliers is that Eaton designs, manufactures, assembles, and tests the components as a system — rather than focusing solely on hoses or hose fittings. This integrated method of production creates an end result that offers a better operating performance for end users and a smarter, simpler product offering.

II. Advantages of the 4S/6S Hose Fittings

A. DURA-SEALTM Technology

Eaton’s 4S/6S hose fittings include a patented O-ring seal on the nipple. This design provides class-0 cool-down leakage following impulse testing and meets SAE J1176 leak-free classifications. Class-0 is the highest classification rating for leak-free performance of hose and fittings, showing that there was no indication of moisture in testing.

This leak-free technology will extend the life of your hose assembly, reducing downtime and delivering higher operating performance.

B. DURA-KOTETM Plating Technology

The Eaton 4S/6S series of hose fittings also features Eaton’s new and improved DURA-KOTETM zinc plating. This patented technology provides superior corrosion resistance on carbon steel hose fittings, offering triple the protection of previous generations of hose fittings and setting a new industry standard.

After being tested in accordance with ASTM B117 salt spray requirements, the DURA-KOTETM plating was rated for up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance — a rating that exceeds SAEJ514 requirements.

The DURA-KOTETM plating can help reduce replacement and maintenance costs associated with hose fittings, as well as slowing the spread of rust to other equipment. It comes standard on all 4S/6S carbon steel hydraulic hose fittings.

C. Non-Brazed Nipple Design

The Eaton 4S/6S series features a non-brazed nipple design that leads to an improved field performance and a decreased risk of product failure. When tested against a brazed nipple design in similar hose fittings, the non-brazed design was shown to be less likely to fail or leak in high vibration applications.

D. MatchMateTM Identification System

The MatchMateTM Identification System is a simple, user-friendly matching and mating system that helps assemblers quickly and easily pair the correct hose and hose fittings and crimp them together. All 4S and 6S fittings are marked, so they can be easily matched to identification markings on the correct 4-spiral and 6-spiral hoses respectively.

In addition, by simplifying the 4S/6S series to common designs, Eaton has made the 4S/6S series compatible with the majority of the key rubber spiral hoses on the market. These changes have made it possible to reduce your overall inventory of hydraulic hose fittings, increase productivity for assemblers, and ensure greater safety for end users, by reducing the risks of hose failure.

III. Conclusion

The Eaton 4S/6S series of spiral hose assemblies offers a number of clear advantages for the fluid power market and is a great solution to address the existing challenge of pairing hose/fittings.

The patented features of the 4S/6S series meet or exceed industry standards for hydraulic hose fittings, providing a superior performance for a range of high-pressure applications.

The 4S/6S series also addresses the main issues faced by assemblers and end users, offering a simplified and intuitive product line that allows businesses to control costs by reducing inventory and assembly time.

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